Ep. 2: The Doggie Investigation Gang Book Series

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Jill sits down with Shara Puglisi Katsos, author of the Doggie Investigation Gang book series. The Doggie Investigation Gang is run completely by three dogs that happen to be best friends and partners of their own detective agency. Cooper is a big yellow labrador, clever and loves a mystery. Charlie is a medium-sized spaniel, that is a bit of a worrier and never late for appointments. Pedro is a small, blind min pin that has mastered his sense of smell. Together, and with the help of their friends they solve mysteries in an effort to assist others.

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  1. Hi, was just wondering if you only help with shelters in the northeast. The lucky puppy rescue in Panama City had a lot of damage, and they’re trying to raise enough for some repairs. Just thought I’d check to see if your organization travels at all. Thank you

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