Code of Conduct Policy

NOTE: While this policy remains in tact, as of Jan. 2019, Project Pawsitive is a private foundation and is not accepting volunteer/ambassador requests for any part of the foundation. Thank you for your interest or past help.


Code of Conduct Policy for Project Pawsitive Ambassadors

Mission Statement: The mission of Project Pawsitive is to gift no-cost renovations to animal rescues in desperate need.


The purpose of this policy is to provide the Code of Conduct for all Project Pawsitive Ambassadors.

Note: Project Pawsitive Ambassadors are defined as volunteers and contractors participating in Project Pawsitive renovations.

I. Personal and Professional Integrity

All Ambassadors of the organization act with honesty, respect, integrity, compassion, acceptance, and openness in all their dealings as representatives of the organization. The organization promotes a working environment that values respect, fairness, and integrity. 

II. Mission

The organization has a clearly stated mission and purpose (stated above) in pursuit of the public good. All of its programs support that mission and all who work for or on behalf of the organization understand and are loyal to that mission and purpose. The mission is responsive to the communities served by the organization and of value to the society at large.

III. Inclusiveness and Diversity

Project Pawsitive is an inclusive group and welcomes people of all age, race, and sexual orientation. The organization has a policy of promoting inclusiveness and its Ambassadors reflect and accept diversity in order to enrich its programmatic effectiveness.

IV. Core Principle

As Project Pawsitive Ambassadors, you’re responsible for adding value to Project Pawsitive and contributing to the ethical success of this organization. You accept professional responsibility for individual decisions and actions. You are also an advocate for Project Pawsitive by engaging in activities that enhance its credibility and value.

Ambassadors are ethically responsible for promoting and fostering fairness and justice by:

1. Respecting the uniqueness and intrinsic worth of every individual.

2. Treating people with dignity, respect and compassion to foster a trusting work environment free of harassment, intimidation, and unlawful discrimination.

3. Assuring an environment of inclusiveness and a commitment to diversity in the organizations we serve.

4. Develop, administer, and advocate policies and procedures that foster fair, consistent, and equitable treatment for all.

5. Regardless of personal interests, support decisions made by our organizations that are both ethical and legal.

6. Regardless of personal interests, never act in a manner that poses an ethical risk to Project Pawsitive.

Non-Disparage Code of Conduct:

Ambassador agrees that she/he will not disparage Project Pawsitive or any of its officers, directors or employees during or after her/his time as an Ambassador . For purposes of this Section, “disparage” shall mean any negative statement, whether written or oral, about Project Pawsitive or any of its officers, directors or employees.

Ambassadors understand that any violation of the principles contained within the Code of Conduct will result in the immediate removal from Project Pawsitive.