How to Adopt a Pet

Sad kitty
Sad kitty

We’ve seen the commercials; we have felt the twang in our hearts at the site of cats and dogs in need of adoption. However, many people remain unaware of how to adopt from an animal shelter. Today, approximately 8 million animals live in shelters and are in need of a loving home and family or individual to adopt them; and of those 8 million, nearly half are euthanized. In the U.S. alone we are currently experiencing an overpopulation of animals; adopting from an animal shelter is less expensive and more humane than purchasing from a breeder.

Every cat and dog living in an reputable animal shelter has been given a health screening, which includes vaccination and treatment for worms and fleas, along with having been assessed for temperament. Many have already been trained and full-grown animals allow you to choose the perfect size for your home and lifestyle, which eliminates the guesswork of how large they will grow. Shelter animals are available in numerous breeds, (mixed or pure) ages and personalities.
Instead of checking the paper or Internet and purchasing from a breeder, we highly encourage you to search sites such as and along with multiple online resources and find an animal shelter near you. The perfect pet is waiting for you.



And, check out these local animal rescues that Project Pawsitive has helped!

Salem Animal Rescue League – Salem, NH
Cocheco Valley Humane Society – Dover, NH
Greyhound Adoption Service – Salsibury, MA
Animal Rescue Network of New England – Pelham, NH
Lucky’s Legacy Horse Rescue – Epping, NH
Jefferson County Humane Society – Jefferson County, TN

Loki Clan Wolf Refuge – Chatham, NH
Humane Society for Great Nashua – Nashua, NH
Center for Wildlife – York, Maine

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