American Bulldog

American Bulldog
American Bulldog Puppy

All About the American Bulldog

These dogs are intelligent. They are a protective family dog that is easy to groom. They are ideal for active, dog-savvy owners as they require a lot of activity.

  • brisk daily walks
  • games
  • some work on the agility course will definitely keep them happy.

Even though they are larger than the English Bulldog, the temperament is similar. This dog is gentle, affectionate, and loves children. They can be considered a big lap dog.

“Brave and strong-willed, the American Bulldog will do best when trained from a young age on and with an owner that isn’t afraid to establish themselves as a strong pack leader. A breed with strong protective instincts, Bulldogs are known for their acts of heroism towards their owners and can sometimes be reserved with strangers. American Bulldogs require plenty of regular exercise to prevent boredom and encourage it to be a well-trained dog during the day.” Excerpt from

These affectionate and loyal pets are great for older kids who have some experience with dogs. They are large animals. Playtime should always be supervised to avoid any trouble.

Cute Bulldog Puppies Go to the Vet

Quick Facts:

  • Life expectancy: 10 – 15 years
  • Temperament: Assertive, Energetic, Friendly, Loyal, Confident, Gentle, Dominant
  • Weight: Male: 66–130 lbs (30–58 kg), Female: 60–90 lbs (27–41 kg)
  • Height: Male: 20–28 inches (50–71 cm), Female: 20–24 inches (50–61 cm)
  • Colors: White, Brindle, Fawn, Brown, Red

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