So, what’s the Charity Mission of Woof Magazine? The Project Pawsitive Foundation!

Project Pawsitive Renovating Animal Shelters. Project Pawsitive's mission is to renovate animal shelters.[/vc_column_text]

Project Pawsitive Renovating Animal Shelters. How does it work? Since 2009, over $600,000 in critical renovations have been performed helping over 10,000 shelter animals in critical need.


Project Pawsitive Renovating Animal Shelters. Project Pawsitive's amazing transformation on Animal Planet's Pet Nation Renovation

A message from Project Pawsitive's Founder

Renovating Animal Shelters is More Than Just Hammers and Nails

Jill Sullivan GrueterI am so happy you’re here. Whether you are a volunteer at a local shelter, or someone who has rescued many animals, you know how important a rescue shelter is in saving the lives of innocent animals. There are literally thousands of animal shelters around the country working tirelessly to save and rescue millions of animals each year. The financial burden it leaves on many facilities is devastating. Crumbling foundations, leaking roofs, frozen waterlines, and rusted kennels lead to increased stress on the animals and lowered adoption rates because people think it’s simply too sad to visit a place in ruins. Together, we can rebuild these terrible tragedies.

Through the eight years Project Pawsitive has been in service to the animal community, we’ve significantly increased adoption rates by over 50% in some cases and reduced euthanasia rates by over 60% in others. We’ve created an atmosphere that fosters reduced stress on the rescues and increases morale around the entire facility. These renovations are not about making a beautiful transformation, it’s about changing the stigma about shelters and creating an environment that makes the rescue animals more adoptable.

Our mission goes nowhere without your support. Please become a member of The Pawsitive Club by donating $10 a month. Together, we can renovate four amazing shelters in 2017 and get thousands more beautifully-innocent animals adopted!

With greatest gratitude, Jill

Project Pawsitive Renovating Animal Shelters