The Beagle

The Beagle

The Beagle

Beagles are certainly the epitome of cute. These small, compact, lean dogs with the expressive face have a good-natured and friendly temperament, and they are always happier in company (canine or human). These active dogs enjoy a good run and, of course, lots of fun and games.

Infinitely curious, they will follow their nose anywhere, so always walk them on a leash. Beagles are great playmates for kids and get on fine with other dogs. Don’t trust them with small pets, though. They are, after all, hunting hounds.

Quick Facts:

  • Life expectancy: 12 – 15 years
  • Weight: Male: 22–24 lbs (10–11 kg) – Female: 20–22 lbs (9–10 kg)
  • Temperament: Even Tempered, Intelligent, Determined, Amiable, Excitable, Gentle
  • Colors: Lemon & White, White & Tan, Tri-color, Chocolate Tri, Brown & White, Red & White, Orange & White
  • Height: Male: 14–16 inches (36–41 cm), Female: 13–15 inches (33–38 cm

Beagle is the eighth-most popular dog breed by registrations (53,938) worldwide. –

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