Project Pawsitive Collaborates with Rescue U and Petfinder Foundation

Hey, Project Pawsitive friends!

The team headed down to Jefferson City, TN to help Rescue U and The Petfinder Foundation at the Humane Society of Jefferson County from May 21st through May 25th and it was a blast!

Project Pawsitive’s goal? Build a 35×12 cat shelter structure in three-and-a-half days for Rescue U and get it ready for them to equip with great paint, shingles, cat homes and more for all the wonderful kitties who desperately need homes. With this structure, the shelter will have more room to save more cats. You wouldn’t believe how many of them are there and need a forever home. We knew we could get it done! Did you see the work we did in a wicked short time period for the greyhound shelter a few months back? If not, check out our webisode series and see how we get ‘er done!

If you live in the Jefferson County, TN area, please visit the shelters website: and adopt a pet if you can. The animals there are wonderfully-sweet and loving and they sure do need good homes.

Here’s a play-by-play of our outreach trip to the Humane Society of Jefferson City, TN:

Here we are at our first layover in North Carolina!

Most of you know that we are from New Hampshire, so we were heading quite away from home! Aren’t we cute :) We were so excited to be heading south!

Monday, May 21st

We made it to Tennessee! Home of Jill’s rescue pup, Tango!

We hopped into our rental car and made our way right from the airport to the Humane Society of Jefferson County. We only had a short amount of time to get this cat shelter built for the Rescue U and time was ticking!

As soon as we stepped out of the car, we got to work on digging holes for fencing and looked forward to getting started on the shelter!


Tuesday May 22nd, EARLY!

Right when we got there, we got to work! Here’s Drew started on the framing:

Rescue U was great and the Project Manager, Bryn Donnelly, had the supplies we needed to get to work. It saved us a lot of time. While the guys started in on the framing, Jill headed over to where the college students were working on some fencing for a Meet and Greet area. Then, she headed back over to her Project Pawsitive and got to work with them. We were working in perfect harmony. Drew was cutting wood, while Simon and Jill were measuring and JB was right in the heart of it doing it all as our Project Leader and Head Contractor. Where would we be without him?

We got A LOT done on our first full day at the shelter. We were lucky enough to not have extremely hot temperatures, so that helped! We hear it got a lot hotter after we headed back to NH.

Here’s a shot of JB getting it done!

Power tools were flying and we were in our groove. We packed in 11 hours days each day we were there. There was no way were leaving without accomplishing our goal.

JB and Drew get the last wall prepared to be attached while Simon explains the process to two college student volunteers!

We are a tight-knit group, indeed. So much so, that the guys let Jill play the entire new John Mayer album, Born and Raised, while they worked away! What a great team of guys she has.

Wednesday, May 23rd – We can really see the progress!

Not too shabby for a couple of days of work so far.

It was a great sight to see! Jill took a step back from work to snap a this shot of the work Project Pawsitive and volunteers had accomplished so far.

It was an amazing site to see and knowing we had done it in such a short amount of time was very empowering. Still much more to do!

Another look at the cat shelter building process.

Thursday, May 24th – The magic really happens.

Ok, so this day WAS HOT! And we were on fire with progress!

We got a lot of helping hands on Thursday, which was great! Everyone was so terrific.

Here’s a picture of the building from Thursday:

Jill, Drew and Simon were putting in windows while JB (seen here) was up on the roof (isn’t that a James Taylor song? I digress.)

And, then something even more amazing happened. JB decided to stay an entire extra day to oversee the completion of the framing, roofing of the cat shelter. He was supposed to meet his buddies in Las Vegas. What a guy! Drew, Simon, and Jill were so proud and honored to have JB as their leader throughout the whole project. His dedication and work ethic were more than evident.

JB celebrates Project Pawsitive’s accomplishment Karate Kid style!

Simon gives shelter cat, Shadow, some love as he peeks out of his new cat house!

It was a great trip and we were honored to help Rescue U and the PetFinder Foundation! We hear it was their biggest renovation yet and we were so happy to be part it!

We sank our heart and souls into this cat shelter and can’t wait to see updates from the Humane Society of Jefferson County.

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