An Open Letter

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Dear volunteers, staff members, animal lovers for various shelters and rescues across the world,

In two words…thank you.


Thank you for your years of hard work, dedication, and, above all, unconditional love for the homeless and abandoned animals relying so innocently on you. Thank you for giving it all during some of the hardest days of your life. Thank you for waking up every single day living your true purpose.  Thank you for always putting the animals of the world first. We are truly their voice.


Over the past eight years, I have also dedicated my life to making the world a better place for the sweet animals with shelter and rescue renovations. It brings me great joy to change the lives of animals and volunteers when I complete another renovation – yet, so deeply breaks my heart when my pockets, purse, and funds are not deep enough – not nearly deep enough – to help each and every one of you.


Almost every day, I receive another application for an amazing rescue or shelter that desperately needs help with lifesaving renovations. The time, effort, and honestly you have provided with describing your needs touches me, saddens me, and lights a fire in my gut to do everything I can to continue with this mission to renovate shelters and rescues across the country.


As a one-woman operation 95% of the time, things have become pretty overwhelming for me. I’ve not been able to reply to many shelters and rescues that have applied, or that I’ve talked to about receiving more information. I try my very best, but I’ve fallen short because of all the tasks it takes to keep going. For this, I am truly sorry.


I am temporarily closing the application process so that I can reply to the hundreds of shelters and rescues that are waiting to hear from me. Also, so that I can continue to – donation by donation – work toward the next renovation. I also don’t want to let anyone down. You are all my HEROS! I sincerely mean that.


Thank you for everything you do. Thank you for being the people you are! Thank you for saving these beautiful, innocent animals!

xo, Jill