Huffington Post: Talking Parakeet Tells Cops Owner Is ‘Drunk’


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Talking Parakeet Tells Cops Owner Is ‘Drunk’

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There’s a reason dogs are considered man’s best friend — they’re obedient, protective and, unlike parakeets, won’t rat you out.

donateMexican motorist Guillermo Reyes learned this lesson the hard way last week when he was stopped at an alcohol checkpoint in Mexico City.

“He’s drunk, he’s drunk,” a voice chirped from inside Reyes’ vehicle, according to Spanish-language newspaper El Universal.

The voice, as it turned out, belonged to the man’s pet parakeet.

The brainy bird apparently knew what he was talking about, as police say Reyes failed a subsequent breathalyzer test.

When animal control officers arrived on the scene, they discovered that the bird and his owner shared a very close bond. Concerned the animal might die if the two were separated, authorities decided to jail them together.

Man and bird were taken to the El Torito jail, where they were held together until the following day, the New York Daily News reported.

In all fairness to the man’s mouthy feathered friend, police officers would have asked Reyes to take a breathalyzer test with or without any input from his bird. That’s what Reyes likely hopes, anyway.




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