Motivational T-Shirts for a Good Cause: 'Think Pawsitive' and 'Dogs have souls'


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Hey, Project Pawsitive friends,

Our ‘Think Pawsitive’ and ‘Dogs Have Souls’ shirts are here!

ThinkPawsitive_shirt_site_finalDrew and I have been working really hard to design women’s shirts that not only helps us renovate shelters with 100% of the proceeds, but ones that give women a beautiful way to display inspirational sayings that support the animal world.

Our Think Pawsitive and Dogs Have Souls shirts are made with soft, cuddly cotton. We wanted them to be longer than a traditional shirt (I hate when regular length t-shirts shrink and then you have a tube top on your hands!) and made with great quality. We added the paw logo at the bottom of the shirt and a SURPRISE located on the inside hem under the paw!

Dogshavesouls_shirt_site_finalWhen someone asks you where you got the shirt, flip up the inside hem under the logo and they will see your personal message: “I helped save an animal’s life. You can too!”

I’ve been wearing my “Dogs have souls” shirt non-stop and I have to say I love wearing mine with my favorite pair of jeans and my brown leather Timberland boots. The thing about these shirts is that they look good with anything! You could wear this tee with a pair of leggings and head to yoga — or wear pair it with your favorite blazer and jeans and head to dinner. They are the perfect ‘accent’ shirt that shows the world how much you care about the animal community.

Go to our store. Buy a shirt. They are $23. 100% of the money goes to us and helps us renovate shelters in need.

Happy shopping,


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